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About Colours

Sep 1, 2020



I have 13 years of experience in visual communication design. Graphic design, advertising, audio-visual, print and digital materials, UI/UX, websites, apps, you name it. I did all visual designs, A to Z, from upstream to downstream.

Yet, if you ask me how confident I am with my understanding about colours, I must be honest with you, I still don't comprehensively understands about colour. I know where it begin, how it produced, how ones affected another, how certain colour invokes emotion and physchology, and so on, but I always felt that still a lot colours' facets that I have not knowing about.

The thing that I realised is that colours is a perfect example of a balance between science and art. Technical side of it is as complex as its implementation (the meanings and physchology of colours), but nevertheless, colours is science. There's a certain fixed formula of it. We can mess around with that formula of course, that's when art came in.

So I set this moment as turn back moment, where I decided to re-learn everything I knew about colours and hopefully along the way I starting to understand more about it especially a couple of things that still a mystery for me. The more importantly, not only my understanding about colours become wider and clearer, but also in practical side I'll be able to implement it in a real work. So it's not only stop in theorhetical side of it, but also practical side of it.

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