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How worth is your personal data?

Aug 10, 2020



Watched Lew Later today and his question makes me think. How worth is my personal data?

Putting a price on something is about how we value that thing and this pricing thingy has no rules. You can put a price on something as you like, simply because you value that much, and no one can disagree. Of course people could argue by saying, “gAAhH! tHaT iS ToO mUChhzz..”, but then those kind of arguments can be easily thrown away by simply saying, “It’s either you bargaining, or get the f outta here.” or the more strict one, “Take it, or leave it. Go bargain somewhere else”.

One could put a price on something, some other might not even put a price on it aka it’s priceless and it’s not for sale. But Lew continue said: “at some point you need to decide how worth is it?” Hmm, I’m thinking even harder. My answer for this is, I haven’t decided. At least for right now. Of course I can be like, “No f way. It’s not for sale”, but I try to think for the worst, where I have no option to not saying what it's worth. So, How much?

If you can put on a price on your skill or service in term of salary or fee, why not your personal data?

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