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Dec 23, 2022

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It's less than a month into a new year, so I thought let's create my yearly review + 2023 resolution.

I've been reviewing all the things I created throughout 2019-2022. Most of them were started spontaneously, and only a few of them were planned for quite some time.

All things I created during 2019-2022 are meant to sharpen my building skill (read: design, code, and development), and because of that, it’s never really a breakthrough in terms of monetization (a.k.a income). However, there are some people who are willing to spend money to use what I created, and for that, I’m really grateful! Thank you!🙏 Also, after looking through what I've built so far, it seems that most of the things I created are revolving around niche targets. It's either designers (SignalSupply's Toolbox, Signalicon, Logoipsum, Fontsss, Colorsss) or some other niche segment (Prompterous, ThePlayDept). Although I wasn't really planning it to be like that, I realized that I should move into something more masses, even if it means I'll be head-to-head with the current product that already exists, but I'll try to find better experiences, features, and advantages over others, which I'm pretty sure it's still explorable.

Based on that, I think it’s time for me to build something that will be my main focus for 2023 (and hopefully for years to come), and I feel that it’s time to shift from "sharpening my code/design/build skill" to "consistently & focus on building one thing and it’ll be 100% profit/money-oriented", in short, it will be a real business-oriented, and less of "build because I feel like building it".

For all the things I've already created, I will not abandon them. I’ll keep building them, although it will be less of my priority. In fact, all those things I've created indirectly supported this 'new thing' that I've already started to work on.

Expect an 'announcement' in the near future. I'll reveal my new project when I feel confident enough 🙌

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