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Signalicon Dev Log 1

Sep 8, 2021



First I tweeted that I'm starting on Signalicon development was on July 8th. It was 2 month ago. So far this is the longest, over-analyzed (in a good way), and most ever-changing details project I've done. Also most of implementations I did in Signaicon, I never did before. So it is almost all new, kind of trial and error things. Eventhough I'm working on it 3 days a week, I always a bit hesitate to tweet about the on going development, simply because I'm not really sure whether I'm doing things right :) I know it should be okay doing wrong things especially when learning, but still, I have zero confidence :)

Despite all of it and despite some of minor things that I believe could still be improved, every local tests showing it working nicely. I developed Signalicon web app using Nuxt.

Gumroad License and License check API

I've tried to use Axios GET for an API, but never POST. So this is really new thing for me. After a couple of trial and error finally I'm able to make it work. I'm now able to check the validity of license against Gumroad via their API.

As a result of using a license, there's "user"

I haven't made a web app that involve user management so far. Although in the case of Signalicon is not really a user since I didn't implement any of user database whatsoever, so no login/logout. I just pulled the buyer data from Gumroad and showing it up on a page.

Using Nuxt Content to manage the icons library

I'm quite familiar with Nuxt Content, but never in a scale of ~1000 entries. At first I'm not really sure if it right for the job, but then I decided to go with it. Plus also combined it with the infinite loading, which again, I've tried it in a few of my personal project, but never in a complexity of thousand entries, multiple categories and search query.

Non-technical: Cold approach people to become tester

Sending cold DM is my new favourite thing lately :) I have my Twitter acccount for a while, 14 years to be exact. But I wasn't brave enough to send cold DM until recently. It's have its own fun, sending cold DM. The humility of it is what I like the most. Unlike public tweet where everyone can see and read, DM is much more personal and I more prefer it that way. It's mentally easier to talk to one person than hundreds person at the same time.

For Signalicon, I've sent invitation to some people that I think will give me feedbacks. I invite some of them also because during the process of Signalicon development, I've asked and sent DM to them asking about some technical stuff. So it's like my thank you to them.

Among many other new things I've tried and made it work in a process of developing Signalicon webapp, there are so many things I learn. It's a good process and I enjoy it.

P.S: This is probably obvious, but the more I develops, the more I realized an app is just merely an "if/else" aka bunch of knitted logics.



New post coming soon.

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