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Starting to Use Nuxt

May 14, 2021



I'm learning to use Nuxt and starting to re-build and move all of my projects to Nuxt. The experience so far is really great with Nuxt. But before I decided to choose Nuxt, I was in this intersection to choose between Next and Nuxt, React and Vue.

Undoubtly React and Next is already got praises from everyone for it's smooth developer's experience. I've tried to make website with Next, in fact this blog was previously developed using Next. But soon after I decided to try Nuxt, I've found it easier to understand. The logic is just easier for my brain to grasp.

Few years back I have explored React, Vue and Svelte. Svelte, particulary, really took my attention because of practicallity of it. We just simply write HTML on it and it magically runs. I was then decided to just learn Svelte, but along the way it becomes hard because no one actually write a tutorial for it. The way I learn is that I need to find an example where I can create it myself, and there's only small numbers of Svelte tutorials out there.

I'm also writing some of the snippets I've found and currently use in some of my projects on this blog. The code posts in this blog not actually meant to teach you, instead it's just my note that I can refer back to anytime I need it. But then if it's actually teach you, then it's good πŸ˜‰

Right now I have a couple on going projects that I develop using Nuxt. I even have some more ideas on the shelf that I think can be executed with Nuxt, or probably Vue, and this is really excites me! Expect any announcement at any day! πŸ™Œ 😎

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